Double-Brokering Fraud Is on The Rise!

As someone in the trucking industry, you may be familiar with or may have actually been victimized in a double-brokering scam.

This is when a scammer pretending to be a legitimate carrier obtains a load from a legitimate broker, and then pretends to be a broker and tenders the load to you. Once you or your factoring company submit the POD, they submit it to the legitimate broker for a quick pay, and then disappear.

There has been a sharp increase in double-brokering since the pandemic, partially as a result of inefficient remote operations at many brokerages.

Here are just a few red flags to look out for are:

  1. A rate-con that shows a brokerage with a g-mail or yahoo email address.
  2. Instructions on a rate-con to check in as a different carrier.
  3. Instructions on the rate-con that tell you to submit the POD upon dropping (and before invoicing) the load.
  4. A different carrier or broker listed on the BOL.

At FourWinds Capital Group, it is our mission to help the carrier avoid double-brokering scams, and to assist in locating the real broker/shipper and try to recover payment.

We take pride in our expertise to avoid fraudulent activities. In fact, we have given presentations at industry conferences to help identify and avoid these fraudulent practices, and to educate and inform both carriers and brokers alike.

If you’re looking for a factoring company you can trust, then contact FourWinds Capital Group. Our team is ready to answer your questions and inform you about our impressively low rates, too!